publications01Erehwon’s Publications Unit has a full-blown editorial team of editors, writers, researchers, copyreaders, graphic designers, layout artists, illustrators, photographers, image enhancers, and editorial-design-production coordinators who are responsible for the smooth flow of the entire publication process—from conceptualization to the final published product.

Erehwon has been putting out publications of its own, dating back to pre-Erehwon days when it originally gave the public such critically acclaimed journalistic and literary gems as Jose F. Lacaba’s Days of Disquiet, Nights of Rage, Jose Y. Dalisay Jr.’s Oldtimer and Other Stories, Alice Guillermo’s Social Realism in Philippine Art, and Emmanuel Lacaba’s Salvaged Poems and Salvaged Prose.

Publishing initiatives under the Erehwon imprint include Juaniyo Arcellana’s Impostor Moderne and Erehwon Projects 2012-2013. In the pipeline are the deluxe books Erehwon Arts 2013-2014 and Erehwon Public Art, along with a series of books featuring the works of established and emerging visual artists of the Erehwon Art Collective.

Erehwon will soon be entering into joint publishing ventures with similar art-inspired organizations such as the Maningning Miclat Foundation and Ballet Philippines.

Apart from Erehwon-published books and joint publications, Erehwon is also into commissioned publications. For instance, as part of the forthcoming celebration of the 75th founding anniversary of Quezon City, the Erehwon Publications team is currently undertaking the development and production of a Quezon City diamond jubilee coffee-table book.


Lourdes A. Navalta
Pubications Manager

(+63) 915 282 9416  +632 294 5286