Artist Management

artistmanagement-pic01One of Erehwon’s commitments is to assist, support, and encourage talented Filipino artists in the practice of their art. Erehwon makes it possible for these artists to fully concentrate on their art-making by being there to take care of “that other aspect” that artists have to deal with—that is, the marketing, promotion, management, and business concerns in the world of art.

A number of individual artists and artist groups in various fields would rather collaborate with Erehwon or have the Corporation handle those concerns for them—such as the Erehwon Art Collective, in the visual arts; the Erehwon “Filmdogs” Collective, in AV/Film; the Metro Manila Concert Orchestra and the Talahib People’s Music, in the field of music; and Sipat-Lawin, in the performing arts.  


Rafael R. Benitez

(+63) 917 857 1088  +632 294 5286



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