Erehwon Fiesta II


abouterehwoncorporation-image1“The Art of Storytelling, in Words and Images.”

This is the theme of this year’s edition of Erehwon Fiesta, one of the three major annual in-house projects done at the Erehwon Center for the Arts.  The other two are the “Volume” series of visual art exhibitions and the Erehwon Projects (Erehwon Arts) deluxe book.

Presented by the Erehwon Art Foundation, Inc. and sponsored by the Erehwon Artworld Corporation, Erehwon Fiesta II will be held from August 30 to October 10, 2014 at the Erehwon Center for the Arts Building.

The first Erehwon Fiesta, also held in the same period last year, consisted of three events:  the “Dirty, Poorly Dressed, and Filled with Love” exhibit by 24 young contemporary artists, the memorabilia exhibit in honor of the late National Artist Francisco Arcellana, and the launching of Juaniyo Arcellana’s book Impostor Moderne.

Erehwon Fiesta II will have five events: an exhibit on the works of the late National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin, to showcase his talents as a master storyteller; a multidisciplinary art exhibit titled “Yesterday Once More”; an exhibit of photographs that tell a story in a compelling way; the launch of the book, Erehwon Arts 2013-2014; and storytelling sessions for children featuring Nick Joaquin’s stories for the younger generations.