Erehwon Fiesta! (August 30 to October 10, 2013) was Erehwon’s way of giving thanks for a successful first year, an occasion for reaffirming its commitment to Art and to the Filipino artist.

The August 30 opening was a well-attended afternoon-to-evening celebration that saw the opening of Dirty Poorly Dressed, and Filled with Love, an exhibit of paintings by contemporary artists; the opening of Mementos: Francisco Arcellana, a memorabilia exhibit in honor of the late National Artist for Literature; and the launch of Impostor Moderne, Juaniyo Arcellana’s new book of personal essays. The three events were held at the Erehwon galleries and open spaces, all the way to the roof-deck, capped by an evening of good food and great music featuring Salinawit ni Pete Lacaba, Adi Baen Santos, and Nicolo Dans.

w Mementos: Francisco Arcellana. Made available for viewing in this rare exhibition were memorabilia items gathered by family and friends of the late National Artist for Literature Franz Arcellana. Among these were his National Artist medal, writing award trophies, published books, handwritten letters and journal entries, rarely seen photographs, the writer’s desk and bookshelf, his vintage car, portraits of the National Artist, as well as artworks given to him by his friends and students.

w Dirty, Poorly Dressed, and Filled with Love. This contemporary art exhibit featured the works of 24 young artists, a collection “dominated by a series of expressionistic paintings fueled by rage and sense of cornered romanticism.” Relating to a confluence of art and literature, the exhibit sought to portray artists and their subjects as inhabitants of a violent world but one that could still be poetic, even tender. Curated by Geronimo Cristobal, Jr., himself a visual artist, the show celebrated the artistic life and art’s potential to uplift souls as a kind of salvation.

The participating artists were: Buen Abrigo, Karla aggarao, Andre Baldovino, Allan Balisi, Steven Burce, Neil Callado, Geronimo "Jun" Cristobal, Patrick Cruz, Chloe Dellosa, Jonas Eslao, Kat Francisco, Jack Giron, Vladimir, Grutas, Genavee Lazaro, Inna Llamas, Sherry Paddon, Angela Patricio, Julius Redillas, Ditas Santiago, Jason Paul Tecson, Joseph Tecson, David Viray, Atsuko Yamagata, and JJ Zamoramos.

The exhibition title was taken from a verse in Roberto Bolano’s poem Dirty, Poorly Dressed.

w Book Launch: Impostor Moderne. Launchedon the Erehwon Fiesta opening day was the Erehwon-published Impostor Moderne, a collection of essays, anti-essays and other genre-blurring prose forms by Philippine Star columnist Juaniyo Arcellana. Says the veteran journalist in his author’s preface: “Frankly I don’t know what genre they fall under; certainly they are not fiction because devoid of the usual story elements of plot and character, and neither are they outright autobiography because real life situations have been filtered through the sieve of a fertile imagination powered by beer among other intoxicating substances.”