EREHWON ARTS 2013-2014



This Erehwon-published deluxe book, to be launched soon, is expected to push Erehwon's transformational agenda in Philippine contemporary art. Like the earlier published Erehwon Projects 2012-2013, this book will also serve as a condensed report on Erehwon events and activities during its second year of operation, covering the period August 2013-February 2014.

Authored by Dr. Reuben Ramas Cañete and designed by Arlo Noche, the full-color book contains an introduction titled "Art as Alterity" and concise reports, with accompanying images, on the various events during the period. The reports are organized into sections titled "Kasama," "Fiesta," and "Tanghal." Reproductions of exhibited artists' works, with the author's annotations, are found in the book. It also includes a glossary of art movements, a directory of artists who participated in Erehwon events in 2013-2014, and other interesting information and insights.