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About Art Foundation Inc.


Erehwon Art Foundation, Incorporated aims to achieve the following Vision-Mission:


Erehwon Art Foundation, Incorporated seeks to be the hub and nerve center of the arts in the Philippines, as well as in the Southeast Asian region. As a non-stock, non-profit organization devoted to the promotion, conservation, and advocacy of the arts, the institution aims to bring together artists, arts administrators, writers, curators, and patrons to work together for the establishment of a democratic, just, and progressive culture of artmaking, art perception, and ingraining the arts into daily life.


  1. To develop artistic talent and expertise through the provision of spaces for exhibitions, art residency programs, art seminars and consultations, conferences and fora, and publications;
  2. To advocate for the promotion and consciousness raising of art in public spaces through the cooperation and support of government and private sector entities;
  3. To be at the forefront of arts policy formulation and implementation.